From remotest soils
Grown by honest souls

Weaving together The Indian Chocolate Story bean by bean


What are we made of?



Our story began when the news of chocolate extinction coincided with a young determined farmer wanting to relearn the right way to harvest, ferment and grade Cocoa Beans. Chocolate extinction will soon be a reality, if we continue to abuse Cocoa with synthetics. We want to do our bit to let live world’s

tastiest creation crafted from nature’s produce, our Chocolate.



Today, tomorrow and 

the years ahead, farmer 

will remain the soul of our story. 

Her sweat and her soil's 

nourishment is the reason we are 

able to experience world's divine 

couvertures and cocoa products. 

Our aim is bring all her effort 

carefully packaged and 

shipped directly to you. 



Ingredients in your Cocoa experience is directly sourced from the farmer. It is a result of finest beans carefully harvested, 

fermented, dried and graded. The 

trees of which are intercropped in high biodiverse environments of the western ghats. In the  chocolate making process, cocoa butter is extracted in a traditional method and  added back to intensify it with exceptional health values. 


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